Glass Etching Fun!

Here is what I used:

And a cylinder glass vase from the dollar store ($1)

To create an easy, simple, monogrammed vase to hold whatever I want! I love it.

I cut out a “G” from a fancy font (Chopin Script) on my silhouette machine with vinyl. Then, I removed the actual letter from the vinyl to leave just the outline in vinyl. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of this part. I didn’t waste the black vinyl letter, though. I used it to dress up our coin jar 🙂

So, you then take the ‘negative’ of the monogram (or any picture)and wrap the vinyl around the jar. Take the etching cream and lay it on THICK! You’ll only have to wait about 5 minutes or so, then wash it off with warm water. Remove the vinyl, and voila! You’ll have a lovely etched design on your vase! How easy would this be to personalize centerpieces for weddings, or for gifts… Love it!

(sorry about the bad pictures – hard to see the monogram for some reason, but it shows up GREAT in real life!)


3 thoughts on “Glass Etching Fun!

  1. Oh yes! I love glass etching. It's so fun and a classy way to give a glass cake pan or trifle bowl as a wedding gift.

    Or even a house warming gift (with some goodies inside of course. ; D)

    Oh…..and I don't have a vinyl cutting machine, so I just use printed laminating or contact paper. Kind of like this link below…. for anyone else who doesn't have a cricut machine or anything else like that.


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