Homemade iPod Case!

I think I have a disease. It’s called “Craft-lift-itis’. Whenever I see a really fun (and SIMPLE) craft idea, I just have an overwhelming urge to do it myself. And I’ll have you know that working for HowDoesShe and IShare TOTALLY enables me in my addiction. 
As I was looking through the latest submissions on Ishare Crafts, I came across an idea I knew I had to try. It was turning an inexpensive photo album into an iPod Touch case! I love my iPod Touch – it keeps me connected and entertained, educated and on task. I think it deserved a nice home! 
When I saw this gorgeous houndstooth album at Wal-Mart for a couple of bucks, I knew I had found the start of a beautiful craft 🙂 I followed the instructions on Madigan Made and, using a small bit of cute red fabric, made the strap and added a rag rosebud on the cover. Voila!

Here is the inside. I found a cheap plastic iPod case at Dollarama, then hotglued some velcro to the back of it. I just pop my iPod in when I want to use the case, and pop it out when I don’t!
I made a little pocket, too, just like her tutorial showed. Not sure what I’ll keep in it, but I’m sure it will come in handy. Besides, I had to show off that cute fabric a little more 😉
I sewed the strap by folding each raw edge into the center, then folding those two edges together, then top stitching around the entire thing. Add some velcro and I’ve got a strap!

The cover needed something to tie in the red, so I used a scrap strip of the red fabric to make a fabric rosette, slipped black cardstock in the photo slot, then hot glued the rosette to the front.
I think I’ll look kinda smart sitting in church, reading my lesson and scriptures with my iPod in this sassy little case 🙂 It sure makes holding it a bit easier. And, like a PURSE, it’s all about the cuteness factor!

This would work for a book reader, or even an iPad case if you used a larger album. I’d love for you to send me a link if YOU make one! Happy crafting!


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