Room Transformation!

It’s been 3 years coming, but we finally did it! The painting of the room got me going and I haven’t stopped until I’ve finished. Now, my eldest girls’ room looks like a place I’d like to hang out. Okay, so lest we forget, here was the mis-matched, pukey room BEFORE:
And here is the bright, airy NEW look!:
One of my favorite additions was these canvases that I bought at the dollar store, then painted with this modern, simple look based on a tutorial a fabulous guest posted on HowDoesShe HERE. Instead of 2 canvases, I used three and split up the “trees”. I painted them in blue, silver, and charcoal grey to match their bedding. You can’t see those ugly staples when you look at the wall straight on. That’s what you get when you buy from the dollar store 🙂

I added a small “delight” underneath that I cut out on my silhouette to finish it off.
Another fun spot in their room is their reading corner. I found the cute black vinyl also at the dollar store, which I LOVED, as well as the paper lanterns. I made the pom pom with cupcake liners (from the dollar store) hot glued on a styrofoam ball (from the dollar store). YES! Oh, you can’t see the pom pom. I guess it’s hanging up a little higher between the lanterns. I want to find a neat mirror with a black frame to hang on the other wall, OR I want to use a large frame I already have to hang on the wall, then paint the inside with chalkboard paint to make a framed little chalkboard. I’ll show you what I decide on.
 Here is what their bedding looks like. I love the modern look to it. It’s much more grown up than their florescent bed spreads before! And, HELLO, we got them for $15. Can’t beat that.
Here is TJ’s little dresser set up. She is a Twilight fan and has her frames and candle, as well as her jewelry box, with a big painting of the Alberta Temple hanging above for her to look at EVERY DAY! 🙂

All in all – SO happy with the change. It was so dramatic to see the difference. Now the trick is getting them to keep it clean!!

9 thoughts on “Room Transformation!

  1. Looks great! I've used those same dollar store canvases before and I wrapped some wide ribbon around the sides to cover up the staples. Just an idea if they do bug you 🙂

    What fun vinyl stuff you found at the dollar store!!


  2. I love how you decorated your oldest daghters bedroom. The colors are beautiful, and all of the personal details that you added are wonderful. Your daughters must love thier room.



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