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Hi there, friends!


I don’t know if this is how it is with you, but when I make a goal, I need a constant reminder of it. Otherwise it seems to vanish out of the hole on the top of my head, along with the names of my children, and what day of the week it is! I knew that my goal to “nurture” this year would be forgotten as well, so I created this simple little 4X6 print out with the scripture I’ve chosen to represent my goal. It’s Ephesians 6:4 “…bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” That applies so well to what I want to see happen in our family this year, and serves as a reminder of what being a mother is really all about. I printed my picture, framed it, and now have it proudly displayed in my living room where I’ll see it regularly.


If any of you would like a copy of this printable, I have uploaded it here so you can also have a copy. It’s nice to display here, there, or anywhere! I’ve created it in burgundy, green, brown, and turquoise. Hopefully there will be a color for anyone wanting a copy. If not, you can always adjust the color in Photoshop 🙂





ETA: If you are unsure how to recolor a picture in Photoshop, feel free to check out this easy tutorial I did a while back. It’s how I changed the file above to the different colors.
If you enjoy printables, stay tuned because I’ve been playing with one of my favorite quotes about MOTHERS and the 2011 Primary Theme! I’m going printable crazy. But, who wouldn’t? They make such simple decor ideas and inexpensive gifts! Take care, and stay warm!


5 thoughts on “Nurture Printable

  1. do you take requests? Our focus this year seems to be turning into Honour. I just found a scripture 1 Samuel 2:30. Black and white is fine, our colour printer is giving us attitude. 😀
    love ya, miss ya!


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