Nurture In The New Year

Goodbye 2010…hello 2011! I love the sound of that. I love new beginnings, new hopes, new aspirations. 2011 is going to be great, I can feel it. There will be lots to learn and many ways to grow, and I’m ready! 2010 went out with a BANG as you can see from my December 2010 photo a day. The highlight? Having my in-laws come for a visit to surprise the kids for Christmas. It was a big hit, as you can see 🙂

What is in store for 2011? A new word representing our goals for this new year. The word we chose?”NURTURE”. We plan to focus on nurturing our bodies (with limiting sweets to one day a week – Family Home Evening), nurturing our minds with more reading and less tv/computer, nurturing our spirits with a more focused scripture study program, and nurturing our relationships by working on respect and manners. I know, it’s a lot and I don’t plan to be perfect at it, but I do plan to see some serious improvements in our nurturing this year. Have I said “nurture” enough, yet?

I plan to carry on with my third year of taking a photo every day of the year. This has been such an amazing experience each and every year, and I’ve even got a few more friends on board. I’ll be using (once again) a gorgeous kit from the fabulous Becky Higgins, who makes this project SO incredibly easy, you can’t miss. I love her “Project Life” kits so much, my testimonial even ended up on her website!

If you want to join in on the incredible journey, it’s not too late! You can find out all about the kit in this video, and check out Becky’s blog to order. They ship incredibly fast, and you can just record your pictures until your kit gets there. In 2009 my kit didn’t arrive until MARCH and I managed to keep track of my pictures until I could slip them in the book. It’s something that is easier to do than you might think, and you will NEVER regret doing it. Literally print your 4X6, slip it in the page protector, jot down some notes on a card and DONE! It’s so fun to look back on the documentation of our day to day lives.

So, here’s to a new year! Do you set new year’s goals? If so, what are YOUR goals? If you chose ONE word to represent your hopes for the next year, what would it be? 2011, here I come!


4 thoughts on “Nurture In The New Year

  1. The word I chose this year is PERFECT. Not as in being perfect…… in the verb. Action word. Per – fect. As in perfecting. I plan to perfect the goals I made for myself. Perfect those talents that I have and quite frankly aren't using very much. Perfect the Christlike Characters and Virtues I wish to have. That's what I want my 2011 theme to be.

    I love your word for 2011. It's a GOOD one!

    Happy Happy New Year!


  2. Happy New Year Bobbi. I like the word that you have chosen for 2011last year my word was Hope. This year it is peace.I chose the word for some obvious reasons and for some very personal reasons. I plan to write about my word for 2011 on my blog as soon as possible.

    I am so excited!!! This is my first year of doing Project Life. I chose the turquoise set and love it! There is an awesome amount of product that we get for the price. I have started mine and having a good time doing it. I saw you your testimonial on Becky Higgins site. How exciting.

    I love the photos that you put up on your blog of your children and your FIL.



  3. I love the nurture idea! If I didn't already have one, I'd steal it from you.

    My word for this year, (amazingly enough, I had one picked out before reading your post!), is CONNECTING…Connecting with family, to be more specific. Past, present, and future. A lot of it has to do with family history work and recording MY family's history. Preparing for the future–food storage, financial reserves. And with that–getting FHE down, and going on date nights, and spending more time with my siblings and parents. I'm excited to see what I'll do this year.


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