Best Birthday EVAH!

I had one fun surprise after another for my birthday! From over 70 birthday wishes on facebook (do I even KNOW that many people?) to being treated to a night out with some of my best girl friends, it was probably the best birthday I’ve had in recent memory. I mean, how can you NOT drool over a piece of cheesecake like this one?
My favorite surprise of the day came when I received this awesome package in the mail from some FABULOUS gals over at HowDoesShe:
A Silhouette SD!! I couldn’t believe it. I did the spunkiest happy dance of ALL TIME! I can’t have asked for better gals to work for, but this put them over the TOP! Thanks so much for this amazing Christmas gift! And to get it on my BIRTHDAY? Priceless 😉
I also received an anonymous card in my mailbox with a gift card, as well as some treats dropped off from one of my best friends, Karla! I feel loved absolutely from head to toe! Thank you so much for making my 32nd birthday such a memorable one! Now, I’m off to do some serious paper-crafting!


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