Future Star?

TJ was given the opportunity to sing a solo on an upcoming Christmas CD by a local children’s singer and entertainer, Bob King. I found it so interesting to see what it involved, and watching her take instruction and sing better and better. The final version of “Away In A Manger” sounded amazing. She, along with some good friends of hers, also sang in a chorus for part of the song, which also sounded so sweet! I can’t wait to hear the end result. Bob King does some of the most fun and unique songs for kids, and we were thrilled to be asked to be a part of this!


4 thoughts on “Future Star?

  1. We made a CD in high school and it was a long, exhausting process but now when I listen to the CD, I remember all the hard work that was put into it and it makes it even better to listen to knowing that we worked so hard on it.

    What an amzing opportunity for TJ to be able to be part of something so special!


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