Digital Template Freebie

I have had a lot of comments about the digital templates I’ve been using on my blog lately! I actually bought the templates as an action from one of my favorite action shops, MCP Actions! She makes adding photos into templates SUPER easy with drag and drop actions. I know the actions aren’t in everyone’s budget, so I create a FREE template for you to download! And I’ll give you a little reminder on how to use them.
1. Open the template in Photoshop or PSE. Then, you’ll open a photo that you want to add to it.
 2. Select the move tool (the arrow on the top of your tools palette) and drag and drop your photo (or digital patterned paper) onto the template.
 3. Your photo will appear on the template, but won’t take on any of the shapes, yet!
 4. In your layers palette, find the photo you just dropped onto the template, and drag it just ABOVE the shape you want it to take on. I made each shape a different color so it is easy to find the right one in the layers palette. I know, you’re welcome 😉
 5. Now, to make the photo take on the shape in the template, you will create a clipping mask by clicking on Layer>Create Clipping Mask

 6. If you look over at the layers palette, you should now notice your photo layer has a little downward facing arrow pointing down to the shape you wanted your photo to take on. And if you look at your image, your photo should now be a circle, or whatever shape you masked it to. You can now move your image around behind the shape, resize, whatever! Repeat with all of the shapes on the template using photos or digital patterned papers!

Have fun playing with different photos, papers, and effects. Flatten the image when you are done, save, and print! You can download the FREE template here:


2 thoughts on “Digital Template Freebie

  1. What a great LO. Thank you for sharing with us how to make a clipping mask.I appreciate all of the time you take sharing your knowledge and your creativity with us.



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