Kid Friendly Christmas Craft!

I am always looking for fun and easy (oh, and CHEAP) craft ideas for me to do with my kids during the holidays. I don’t have the money to buy those fancy project kits, and I don’t have the time to create a really involved project. I loved this idea of a Candy Cane Yarn Reindeer that I found while reading Scrapbooks Etc. I had the eyes, buttons, and yarn – and I bought a package of candy canes from the dollar store for $1. Can’t get much cheaper than that!

To make these adorable little guys, you simply hot glue (or even use scotch tape) to adhere the two candy canes together, back to back. Then, your kids can wrap some brown yarn or twine around the candy canes, creating the “body” of the reindeer. Glue on the eyes and nose, then add whatever extra touches you’d like, such as ribbons, lace, bells, or any other festive touches. The kids loved making them and had new friends to play with for the rest of the night! They can hang on your Christmas tree, or even be sacrificed to my monstrous appetite (mwa ha ha ha ha).

If you’d like to see another fun and easy (oh, and CHEAP) kid-friendly Christmas craft, check out some of these:

Rebecca Cooper shows how to make these adorable little toilet roll Christmas Trees. Smart!

Or make your own baby food jar Snowglobes, like we have for the last few years:

And finally, how about making your OWN little “elf bowling set”? Love this!
I hope you all enjoy Christmas Crafting with your kiddos!


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