Pajama Day!

Do you miss those fun school activities? You know the ones where you get to do so many fun activities instead of math, science, whatever? Hmmm..actually, I was a bit of science nerd so that WAS fun to me, but I remember loving those days when we would all go to the gymnasium to sing carols, practise for Christmas concerts, make gingerbread houses…those out-of-the-ordinary things! Now I get to see my kids enjoying those same kinds of things. They talk about PJ day for weeks ahead of time and we love getting their warm cozy jammies ready to wear to school.
I’m so glad I have kids that enjoy participating in this stuff. Then I can live vicariously through them! LOL! I hope they enjoy their PJ day and their milk and cookies.


2 thoughts on “Pajama Day!

  1. So darn cute! I can feel the warmth of new soft p,j's just looking at this photo. That reminds me….I need to get on the ball and get my kids a new pair for Christmas! Hope they don't see this. LOL!


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