Mini Cupcake Liner Pom Poms

I was in charge of finding a guest to post on HowDoesShe, and when I found THIS fabulous gal, I knew I had a winner! She made these gorgeous paper cupcake holder pom poms, which look like the tissue paper ones, only MUCH more sturdy! I really wanted to make some large ones to hang in my girls’ rooms, but I couldn’t find the larger styrofoam balls. I did, however, come across some smaller ones at the dollar store, and I had the thought to make a simple Christmas ornament from them!
Here is what you’ll need:

A styrofoam ball, a hot glue gun, some mini cupcake cups (I bought mine at wal-mart), and a pencil to shape the cups around.
You can see how small these balls from the dollar store are. I got a package of 8 for $1. Nice!
And these adorable mini cupcake cups were perfect for Christmas! If you are making a larger ball, you can just use regular sized cupcake cups, but for these smaller balls, the minis were awesome!

Simply take a cup and stick the blunt end of the pencil into the center, then gently pinch the bottom of the cup around it. Dot the bottom with hot glue, then stick it on the styrofoam ball.

Keep repeating, placing them close enough together so the styrofoam doesn’t show through, until the entire ball is covered. This is SOOOOO easy, people. Seriously. And I love how they look! How cute would these look hanging anywhere in your house…from the ceiling, from a light fixture, from a doorknob…or even sitting on a table in a basket. Whatever! Inexpensive and elegant. LOVE IT!


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