Pillow Happy!

Look-see what I made at our ward’s Super Saturday! Makes me smile a lot 🙂

It was so simple to make, and BEST PART? NO SEW! Yep, just some fabric glue (or hot glue would work, too – in fact, I might go with that for the next one – yes there will be another one!)

Our teacher was the fabulous Nicole from A Dash of Sass. She had everything for us that we needed (i.e. a pillow, and about a yard of felt, glue, and pins). I just loved the many color combos we could chose from. I went with a rather mellow choice that matches my living room, but hw fun to do a pink, turquoise, or fushia for a little girl’s room? You can read a how-to on this amazing blog called“H is for Handmade”. TONNES of inspiration to be had there.

I added a cute wooden button to the center to finish it off, and I just love it!!

For a pattern for this pillow, check out this post from “H is For Hamdmade”:  

If you want to check out another twist on a felt flower pillow, check out this post on HowDoesShe! You’ll be drowning in felt pillows before you know it!


16 thoughts on “Pillow Happy!

  1. Wow! How great did that turn out!!!?? It is a funny thing – as I was making my pillow and writing the tutorial, I thought to myself “This would make a great super Saturday craft!” Thank you so much for the great mention, and for your support! I am thrilled that you liked the idea and were able to teach it to others!
    H is for Handmade


  2. I had so much fun doing this project! I used hot glue instead of fabric glue and it worked like a charm! It looks so great on my new chair!


  3. Turned out awesome! Been looking for easy crafts to do since I have a 5 month old and not much time. Need to try this very soon. Thanks! Btw, loved the colors you chose.


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