Can I Start Over?

I think you know where this is going….

Ya, I kinda already bombed my goal. Well, not completely, but enough. I was doing great until YESTERDAY when I had to go to the clinic, which had an hour wait – so I headed next door to the Dollar Store to waste some time. Okay, never try to waste time in a dollar store when you are trying NOT to spend money. I mean, how easy is it to justify spending $1??

In my defense, I bought things we needed (okay, that’s always the justification), but yes, I spent $11 (a couple of items were actually $2, which really should have been sold at a TWO dollar store – but that’s a post for another day). I have one tiny victory, though. I didn’t buy any snacks there. YES! Nothing to munch on. That’s saying a lot considering all of the mouth watering chocolate bars calling my name.. “Bobbi…I’m only 65 cents!! Mmmmmm…you know you want it!”

So, officially, I’m letting myself start over. Today. That’s allowed, right? Please tell me that is allowed.

If you have been missing my Tutorials and Photography Fridays, PLEASE let me start over with that, too….next week 🙂 I have to be honest and say that I’m not sure I can keep up with those EVERY WEEK. I might have to alternate weeks or something so I can keep up with the other projects I’ve been working on……..

Unless you’ve been totally AVOIDING me, you’ve probably heard the news that recently (as in – last week!) we (the girls at HowDoesShe and I) have launched 3 new sister sites showcasing the BEST on the web! It has kept me busy for days, and will continue to but in such a good way! I think this is an inspired idea. This is a community for ANYONE to share their ideas with the rest of us!

I am a moderator, so I get the fun job of seeing every submission before anyone else! Tee hee hee. Then, I decide when to post what. It’s great, but you can see how it takes some time.

Besides that, I’ve been busy editing pics, lining up guest posters, sending out newsletters, and even doing my OWN posts for HowDoesShe. For example….did you see….

Want to find out some tricks to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies?!? Click above!
So, besides that I’ve had tonnes of time…oh…wait, it’s Autumn. That means TONNES of Photoshoots happening. Like these:

And I’ve been doing a little bit of creating, too, though not as much as I’d like!

And lest I forget… I have these gorgeous girls to take care of:

So, like I said. Busy. But happy. Life is good. Now, I’ve got to get back to work!

4 thoughts on “Can I Start Over?

  1. I don't know how you do it! I would of boughten that chocolate bar too…..just to keep up with the energy. LOL! But good for you! Hang in there. And of COURSE you can start over. That's why the sun goes down and comes up each new day. Right? ; D


  2. I'm impressed you didn't buy chocolate! Good luck with the new 21 days.
    That guy totally looks like John Travolta. Freaky. I think you had pictures of him before?
    Love all your leaves in your yard.


  3. I am always 'wowed' by your talent. Love your pics. So well done – and I know some quality editing made the photos perfect.

    Wow. Will be checking out your sites. Are you still R.S Pres? don't know how you do it.


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