Photography Friday – Bryan Peterson

I get asked a lot where I learned about photography. Well, the short answer would be: a college course and Bryan Peterson. No, he was not my instructor (I WISH!). He is an author, and the fact is, I learned as much (or more) from his books as I ever did in my Photography Course at SAIT. He has a way of explaining the relationship between ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed in way that is SO easy to understand and put into practice. If you can’t afford to shell out the dough for a photography course, then I highly recommend these books:

This is the book to start with. This explains the ins and outs of exposure and is definitely the one to take out with your camera. He gives you great challenges and assignments to try. If you only have time to read one, read this one:

These next two both offer a lot of advice and inspiration. He has a way of making photography exciting again for me. I can’t say enough!

Head to your local library and put these on hold, or better yet – head to the bookstore, get a hot chocolate, whip out your bank card, and enjoy!


One thought on “Photography Friday – Bryan Peterson

  1. Thank you for sharing what books you read and have taught you a lot. I took a photography class 3 years ago and I learned very little. I was very dissapointed. I hope to take another class one day but in the mean time I will be ordering the first book you have in this post. Thanks again Bobbi.



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