21 Days

I hear recently that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. 3 weeks. 21 days. I think I’ve got a pile of bad habits to break, and good habits to make a least a mile high. 21 days. Is that long enough to change me? To make me? Or break me?

I have been feeling so stuck lately. My health has been bringing me down, making me feel out of control of my own body, making me feel helpless in a way I’ve never felt before.I hate it. It depresses me. It confuses me. I need to break out of this funk. Could I do it in 21 days?

If  you had to choose a habit to break, or a good habit to make, what would it be? What would make the biggest difference for you? I’m a believer in the philosophy of “by their fruits, ye shall know them”. Meaning, I’ll  give it a shot and see what fruit it bears. I hate the feeling of NOT being in control, and letting outside influence determine too much of my happiness. I have to think about what change I could focus on for 21 days and evaluate my success and measure the difference it makes in my life.

My goal is to begin on Oct 1.

I don’t know what the goal will be. I may fill you in when I figure it out, maybe not… I don’t want to get uber personal. But I do want support. So, we’ll see how much I divulge:)

I throw it out to you? Do you want to join with me? Check in with me? Or just observe? I’m interested in changing my world, a bit at a time, 21 days at a time.

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6 thoughts on “21 Days

  1. I totally agree that it does take 21 days to break a habit. I tell everyone that I quit watching TV cold turkey. And that is true……but when I look back on it……those first two or three weeks were HARD!!!!! I went over to the tube to turn it on just for the noise and mere habit of it being on. As soon as I would touch the button, I would say “What the heck am I doing?” I hadn't even realized how much of a hard habit it was going to break. But once those first two weeks were over, I never looked back. I feel SO free. So alive. I can do SO much more of other “good” things.

    I am cheering you on Bobbi! You can do it! I know you can. You have inner strength that you might not even know. ; D


  2. oooh… count me in! i have horrible back problems, and i have to start a new physical therapy program. i've put it off for a week now because i feel sorry for myself! how stupid is that?? but maybe having a deadline of 21 days, and watching others be accountable for their goals as well will help me out.


  3. yo can doooooo it! “cause you're good enough , and smart enough and gosh darn it people LIKE you” ( where's that quote from? snl. CUTE hair cut in that picture.


  4. 3 weeks ago I started a cleansing program, no sugar, no carbs, only fruit, veggies & protein. My sugar was sky high and I knew it but didn't accept it until my doc said it. So after labor day I got to it. I feel better, so much better. My carb cravings and sugar cravings have decreased, not gone away yet, but have decreased. I don't drink soda any longer (diet coke was my choice of drug) I don't drink coffee either. I'm proud of myself for sticking to it and accomplishing this what seemed to me to be impossible task. Stress levels soar and I want to eat eat eat. My reflux has all but disappeared. It's amazing what happens when you stop eating the crap, the processed food and the diet drinks. I'm convinced I did the right thing. Now to get my feet and ankles in good working order so I can start walking everyday for exercise. good luck with whatever you choose as your goal. I will follow along for support and inspiration.
    Denise xx


  5. That sound like a great project … wish I could convince my husband to quite smoking in 21 days …

    Let us know how that goes !!!
    You go girl …

    Sincerely, fdgtgrl.


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