Pre-K Part Deux

You know, I think our school board likes to tease me. First, the official first day of school did not include the pre-kindergartens. My daughter was all excited to go to school with her sisters, and I had to explain that she couldn’t start yet.

Then, nearly a month after her sisters started, it was FINALLY JJ’s turn to go! She was so excited!! She donned her pink backpack, wore her pinkest shirt, pulled on her pinkest dress and posed for some seriously pink photos! Then we were off to school!


Due to a staggered starting program, JJ only got to go on Tuesday this week, and has to wait another few days until she can start going every day. Try explaining THAT to a four year old! Okay, honey, glad you got to go to school today, but now you have to wait another week until you get to go again. *sigh* It’s especially hard for OUR four year old who is MORE than anxious to go, and for this mother who is MORE than anxious to HAVE her go. Not that I don’t love having my youngest glued to my hip 24-7, or those awesome words “Mommy, look at me” five bazzillion times a day, or being interrupted constantly to get her a snack, or curl her hair, or watch her dance. It’s just that after a long, cold summer I’m more than ready for a few hours of uninterrupted time a day. Yes, yes, I’m aware that this will pass quickly and I’ll look  back and yearn for these days. I know I’ll miss this someday and all that. But right now? I want pre-k to start and start soon!!


4 thoughts on “Pre-K Part Deux

  1. I always feel guilty when people tell me that “this time passes so quickly.” But you just can't change the fact that your nerves are ready to unravel!


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