Tutorial Tuesday – Softlight Boost (A download!)

Have you ever looked at your photos and, while being pretty good, just seem to lack that…. pop? Maybe they are just a little dark? Maybe there isn’t enough contrast? Maybe the color just isn’t popping like it could? Is there a simple solution for something like that? Yes. It’s called “Soft Light”.

I use this blending mode to add a bit of extra pop to photos that are otherwise not bad! It’s an all-over boost that really takes your photos from so-so to FABULOUS!! I did a tutorial HERE that explains how to use a soft-light layer to give your photo that pop!

Since I am all about efficiency, I am offering a free photoshop action which will perform the steps FOR you in one quick click. It’s a simple and subtle action, perfect for those every day photos.

Bobbi’s Softlight Boost.atn

You are very welcome – hope you use it often. I sure do! Sweet, simple, basic, done!


6 thoughts on “Tutorial Tuesday – Softlight Boost (A download!)

  1. I use PSE so I don't think that I can use it. But thanks for offering it. 🙂 I love the look of the after photo of your little girl. It is much softer looking. 🙂



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