Homemade Screamer

This past Monday I was stuck for what to have as our Family Night treat. My tummy was itching for a screamer, but I didn’t know where to get one around where we live. Have you ever had a screamer? They might be known by a different name where you live, but they are a delicious mix between a slushie and soft-serve ice cream. OH HEAVEN! I love them. It didn’t take long to figure out that I could make my own at a fraction of the cost of buying one at the store.

First, buy your favorite flavor of slurpee…

My favorite slurpees are from Macs convenient store, but any kind will work. Now, I have a family of six, so we bought the biggest size to share out later.

Next, buy some plain soft-serve from DQ, McDonalds, wherever is closest and/or cheapest! Get it in a cup…easier to transport. However, the cone? yummo.

Now…. mix-o-ramma. Fill a cup 1/3 full of slurpee, then fill to the 2/3 mark with soft serve, then top off with more slurpee. Gently mix around and ENJOY!

This treat was SO delicious and so inexpensive. A big hit with the kids (and me… mostly me). Get out there and make a screamer before that weather starts turning!!


8 thoughts on “Homemade Screamer

  1. Yummy!! Did you know that DQ sells their soft serve in pints that you can buy for about 4 bucks? I just ask for one that hasnt been in the freezer yet, then it is still soft and tasty!! Or you can one that is a little more solid in the freezer where you get their ice creams bars and such!


  2. Yummmy!!!! I wish I didn't have this darn gestational diabeties, or else I would join you in eating a dozen screamers!

    We call them Snow Joe's. Don't know why. 😉


  3. where i grew up they were called “sno-jo's” love love love them!! now i want one and thankfully we have a place here in good ol' brooks alberta that sells “screamers” YUMO!


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