Back to School Fashion Show!

Summer flew by and it’s already back to school time! And, as per tradition, I took some snapshots of my girls on their way out the door! I can’t believe I’ve got 3 girls in school full-time now. My poor little JJ won’t know what to do with herself! Can anyone say “play dates”?

Bayboo is heading to school full-time as a first grader! How did THAT happen? I did notice this morning that she was looking mighty grown-up.

Miss B is now a fourth grader. She is in Mrs. “B”‘s class, who taught TJ last year, and I couldn’t be happier. She is an amazing teacher and B will progress a lot this year. She is in a 4/5 split, so I’m sure she’ll also learn a lot from her older classmates. She has turned into a fashion diva with her own style and knows how to work it. Here’s to a wonderful school year!

And TJ is in grade five. And no, I’m NOT smarter than my 5th grader. She’s a whiz kid. She is also in a split class (5/6) which will be good for her as she excelled in the 4/5 split last year. And when did she start getting that “teenage” look? Nope, not supposed to happen for at least another 5 years, right? Right?!

I’m sure I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with pics of JJ on her first day of pre-kindergarten. She doesn’t start just yet, and she is having a tough time waiting. So am I. Here’s a happy BACK TO SCHOOL to all of you!

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