Six year old beauty!

Sorry it’s a couple of days late, but I just HAVE to pay a tribute to my Bayboo. She is six! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? How did that little bright-eyed baby girl suddenly become a six year old beauty? How did she suddenly become a first grader? What am I going to do without her hanging out with me all day? Being a wonderful big sister to JJ? Talking excitedly about her latest discovery on Webkinz world? Ahhh, I can’t even think about my babies growing up so fast.

Yes, she starts grade one tomorrow. She has already started to read several words and do some math. She loves to draw me pictures and watch my expression as I ooh and ahh over them. She is a two-wheelin’ bike maniac – asking every moment she can if she can go riding.
She is happy-go-lucky 90% of the time, but when that other 10% occurs… look out! She has the typical middle child obsession with fairness and wanting to be heard. I get that. Totally. I hope I am a fair-minded parent for her.

This girl is bound for great things. She has an alert and open mind, she has a love for her family and friends, and she has a tender heart.  She is the most determined little girl I’ve probably ever met. I am so happy she is a part of our family, and I couldn’t love this six year old any more than I do now 🙂 Happy birthday, Bayboo!


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