You’ve Had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

This year our “double” birthday kind of snuck up on me. I guess I was kind of waiting for summer to happen before their birthday came around. My two “babies” have their birthdays only 10 days apart, and as of right now they don’t mind sharing their party. Hooray for me!

The weather cooperated enough for us to head out to a water park/playground to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. Each of my birthday girls were able to invite one friend AND their family to join us for cupcakes, candies, and good company 🙂 I decided to make some paper lollies to adorn the cupcakes, which melted just slightly in the sun. Still tasted pretty darn good, though (although if it’s got sugar in it – it’s okay in my book no matter what! – I should be ashamed.)

Funds were short this year, so only the two friends of our girls got the “all-out” gift bags. The rest of the siblings in the family went home with a box of smarties and a lollipop! I used some Fall Junque papers from Houseof3 to make the cute bag toppers. Love them!

JJ invited her very good buddy from church, “J” I know, can we get any more “J”s hanging around?

…yep! This is his big sister, and adorable addition to my Primary class, “J”. They have a whole family of “J”s in their family 🙂

After playing hard at the park for a while, we broke out the cupcakes and sang a rousing rendition of “happy birthday” for my little munchkins.

Soon it was gift time! Okay, small warning here  – my girls get VERY excited about opening gifts. I don’t know where they get that from. And believe me… it shows on their faces 🙂

Our resident DIVA, JJ, was beyond thrilled to get some serious dress up gear from her buddy. I think J’s mom had something to do with picking out this gift for JJ.

But you aint seen nothin’ until you’ve seen her discover her own purse filled with even MORE GAWGEOUS gear.

I think she might have peed just a little when she saw that.

A huge thank you to J and his family for the WAY successful gifts they brought. We loved having you, and really – J is so darn cute, I think I might want to keep him.

Both of our girls were pretty darn excited about getting “Jumanji” and “Zathura” DVDs from us. Yeah, we’re a little behind.

Bayboo was beyond thrilled to get her own awesome jewelry box that she gets to BLING up. She so needed a box to keep all of her special treasures, and we were  barely home before she had the whole thing bedazzled and filled with her most special toys and trinkets. SCORE!

Thanks, “A” for sharing the fun day with Bayboo. You and she are like peas and carrots.

All in all – a success. We love our summer girls! I hope this was a birthday to remember! Love you!


7 thoughts on “You’ve Had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

  1. Oh the sweet joy in your daughters faces as they opened thier gifts. It dosen't get much better than that! Hapy birthday to your 2 youngest girls. Thank you for sharing your photos. They are all beautiful.



  2. Your girls are so darn cute. I love that they are so expressive in their appreciation of a gift. That is so rare these days……but it sure goes a long way in making the gift giver feel like it was worth it. ; D

    HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to the BOTH of them!


  3. I think you did an amazing job for having “short” funds. Great birthday! Happy birthday to your 2 beautiful girls.

    Amy and Megan share a birthday a day apart and they STILL have one party together. There's only been a couple of years that Megan had her own party in addition to a joint party (like the big 1-6).


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