The Goings On

Oh, what do you do in the summertime? Actually, I’m sort of still waiting for summer to show up. I think we’ve had more rain than sun this year, so far. So, I’ll ask a different question. What do you do when the kids are off school and you have no money? I’ll show you 🙂

You go camping in the back yard.

This works especially well if you have a fire pit and a yard big enough to hold a tent. There are some benefits to living in an older home in an older neighborhood 🙂

You roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the flames and enjoy the charred, gooey, goodness.

You spend time together singing campfire songs, forgetting the words, and telling fairytales instead.

You lose yourself watching your children, noticing as if for the first time how beautiful and grown up they are. Wishing that time would just slow down… even a little. Thinking that even this moment in gone too fast.

Trying to get the kiddos to go to sleep in the tent, knowing that it is going to be a sleepless night. Thanking your lucky stars for a husband who lets you sleep inside the house in the end.

You head out of town to your good friend’s house, eat amazing burgers, and enjoy a magic show put in by your children.

You laugh as you see them enjoying the same tricks as you did at their age. Ew.

You breathe a sigh of contentment when you see all of the kids enjoying some good clean fun together… actually enjoying BEING together.

You get out a two wheeler and take a deep breath as you attempt to teach your 5 year old how to ride without training wheels… being haunted by the memory of how crazy it was teaching your older two kids. You are surprised when she refuses to be pushed, or helped. Amazed by her sense of independence.

You hold your breath when your little girl wipes out again and again.. waiting for the tears to start.

You are pleasantly surprised when she hops right back up and tries again. Surprised… but not really.

And you shout with joy when she starts zooming around on those two wheels in minutes, as though she had been doing it for years.

You discover that there are lots of amazing experiences to be had in the “summertime” when all the world is green. Even when you don’t have any “green” and there is no where to be except home with your family. In the end, you realize that is the best place to be!


3 thoughts on “The Goings On

  1. What wonderful ways you spend time in the summer with your girls. these are memories they will have all of thier lives. How lucky they are to have you as a Mom. Your photos are all beautiful as usual.



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