Photography Friday – Why do we take pictures?

Welcome back to Photography Friday! I figured this week I’d start at the very beginning… it’s a very good place to start. When we read we begin with A, B, C. In photography we begin with….

Why Do We Take Pictures?

  • To create

  • To capture moments from your point of view

  • We don’t trust our memories

  • It’s easier than explaining

  • To record history/ document our lives to say “I have lived!”

  • We want others to witness our lives

Why do YOU take pictures? I think it’s an important question to ask yourself. Is it for yourself? Is it for others? Is it a creative endeavor? A personal one?

I think answering this question honestly will help you to get the most out of every photograph you take, and to be more decisive about which to keep!

In my life, I see each photograph as a historical document. Our photographs reflect history; they inform us, change our impressions of our relatives, and tell the story of our families. I look at my photographs as a part of my family history. I mean, looking at a photograph can tell a story that words alone couldn’t do justice to.

Take a look at your photos. Which are you FAVORITES? Why? What do you love about them?

Figuring out why you take pictures is the first step to improving your photography. Are you someone who loves lots of saturated color in your photos? Does the background tell part of your stories? What role does light play in your favorite photos? Do your favorite photos feature a close-up of your subject, or does the background feature more? Do your favorite photos evoke a lot of emotion? Are they playful? Are they candids, or posed?

Take a moment today to look through your photos, your albums, your pictures on the wall. Ask yourself, WHY do I love this photo? Why do I hate it? WHY do I take pictures? You may be surprised at the answers!


3 thoughts on “Photography Friday – Why do we take pictures?

  1. Most of my favorite pictures are of Korben. I can capture who he is in his own element. He has a hard time showing that side to others. My other favorites are of Frieso with the kids, they are ALWAYS happy pictures 😀


  2. I take photos for the very same reasons that you do. One of my favorite types of photos to take is to fill my photo of a persons face. I also love taking photos of somone when they have no idea that I am taking it. I love taking macro photos of flowers, butterflies etc. And I love being creative with how I take a photo. But most importantly I like taking photos that tell a story of celebrations for documentation purposes 🙂



  3. Great question! Sometimes I think that I am so busy trying to capture the moment that I forget to enjoy the moment while it is really happening. I like to take the photos for many reasons, sometimes to be artistic, sometimes to remember a place or a person and sometimes because I think it may be the last time I ever see that person. My favorites are always the candid shots, what people are doing or how they look when they don't know somebody is watching, it feels more truthful. I also like having something to share with my friends and family who are all very far away from us. It allows my parents and in laws to see my daughter grow up and it gives them a sense of closeness.


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