Summer is full of such fun sounds… kids laughing, kids talking, kids playing, kids arguing, kids crying, and kids SINGING. Especially around our house. Especially from my eldest.

Lately, her song of choice has been “Popular” ala Kristin Chenoweth from the Broadway musical “Wicked”. She sings this in the shower, getting dressed, playing in her room, cleaning – any time (and ALL of the time). I had to tape it because I know her song of choice will change soon, like always. I think she’s got some talent! I wonder what musical program I could find around here to put her in?


6 thoughts on “Popular

  1. She really does have some talent! My mom is a voice teacher and I made her watch. 😉 She says you should definitely get her working with someone! She's also adorable, btw. 😉


  2. Great job! If you can't find a music school, you could get her into singing lessons and/or a musical theater group for kids.


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