New Look – New Day!

Hey, it’s me! It’s Bobbi! I may have changed the look of the blog a bit, but it’s still same old me 😉 I needed a change. Do you ever feel that way? I’ve been kinda itching for some change. Could be the seemingly endless days of rain we’ve had, or the fact that I haven’t been in the bloggin mood. Something had to give.

Since I’ve been getting my creative groove back, little by little, I thought I’d share my latest favorite creation. I’ve seen these done before and I just had to try. Gather your scrap patterned paper, a butterfly paper punch (mine was Martha Stewart) or use your die cutting machine, and punch away! Glue to an 8X10 sheet of white cardstock and place in a frame! Love it. I just noticed that a few are slightly crooked after putting it in the frame. I’ll have to fix that later. It’s such a fun accent piece. How cute would this be in a small, desktop frame? Have fun!


4 thoughts on “New Look – New Day!

  1. Hi Bobbi! Love the new look and the piece of art! I've been itching to change my blog up yet again. I won a free makeover but starting to feel it's not me. *hugs from conroe, tx! see you on LIVE with HO3 tomorrow?


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