He is a Master!

Yes, it’s true – Lyndon is a Master of Business Administration. How nice it would be to have a certificate that tells the world that I’M a Master of something. Maybe a Master of making peanut butter sandwiches, or folding towels.. you know, the important stuff. I guess I have to go to school for a few years before I get that distinction.

We are thrilled, though. It was a lot of hard work on his part that has not been wasted. We were happy to celebrate his graduation with his parents coming to visit! It was a bit of a whirlwind, but it was such a nice visit. I was so sad to see them go…again.

We were first treated with a wonderful dinner with all of the graduated from the EMBA class.

We enjoyed the visiting and the nice program they had. There were some nice and encouraging speeches and the food was delicious!

One of the unexpected highlights was that they gave each EMBA graduate a little package with a gorgeous frame for their diploma, a couple of pins, and a 11X14 photo of all of the graduates from the program.

After the luncheon, we headed to the auditorium to enjoy the program with many, many other friends and family members of fellow graduates. It was a full house.

After the LONG ceremony we headed outside for some photos with our very handsome graduate. Can you just see the pride in our eyes??

Yep. We were proud. But no one could have been happier than the graduate himself.

A long journey…. well worth it 😉 One chapter closing, and a bright new world full of opportunity! We are filled with excitement and great hope for our future. Life is good!


4 thoughts on “He is a Master!

  1. you guys are superstars!! both of you. congrats to Lyndon. my little corn sniffer…. growing up so big and smrt! can't wait to see what the future holds for you.


  2. Awesome Post Bobbi! Loved it….now it's like we were there to witness ourselves. You two BOTH deserve a HUGE congrats!! Every little thing you did so that Lyndon could get his masters earns you a masters equally. ; D

    Great job you two! What a team you make.


  3. Why does EVERY graduation pic of Grunewald children go…Mom Kid Dad…? Every one…small taller tallest? When did we have a family meeting about this set up?


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