For Good

I was brought to tears watching Tamber and the other choir members perform “For Good” from “Wicked” for the Parent Volunteer Tea. I was especially touched watching Brynae, who had hurt herself just beforehand and didn’t want to sing, being comforted by friends and her sisters. Loved every second of this afternoon. My girls are my joy!


4 thoughts on “For Good

  1. wow! you must have a great music teacher at your school!
    – it sounds like they say book of Mormon around second 56. I had to listen a couple of times! funny.
    such talent.


  2. I love that your girl is one of the few that even looks up and out. Love the wink at the end. Cute!
    And I agree your school seems to have a great music teacher. Ours- nope.
    So thanks for sharing.


  3. Thank you very much for sharing the video. The sone was so pretty. Your oldest daughter seemed to be the only one who knew all of the words.I love that she looked forward while singing and loved that she winked at the end. What a cutie. Sorry to hear about your your daughter getting hurt before the singing. She looked quite sad. Hope all is well with her.



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