Win a FREE session with Moi!

You heard right (or read, whatever). I’m giving away a FREE mini session, including the CD of full-resolution images! To enter, please visit Becky’s blog and leave a comment under the post about ME. The link to enter is here:


Leave a comment under that entry above to enter! You have a really great shot at winning! I hope you stop by to enter. I’m so excited to be doing this!!!


3 thoughts on “Win a FREE session with Moi!

  1. I just *knew* that you would be chosen. Your work is just too beautiful not to have wone. Congratulations Bobbi.Who ever the winner is will be very blessed to have a family photo taken by you.



  2. Hey Bobbi, I'd like to enter the contest but it says that I don't have permission to enter the site. I don't know if other people might have trouble or if it's just me.


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