Move over, “Wicked”. Make room, “Phantom”! Get ready for the next big thing: Pirates: The Musical! Okay, maybe this won’t hit broadway, but I’m so proud of my girls anyway! They worked for months, practicing to perfect their performances. ALL of the kids did an amazing job – I mean, we’re talking grades 1-5 and they didn’t miss a beat. I was amazed. The songs were fun and well done, and the costumes just made it. Loved every minute!

B played “brown beard” and had several lines in the play. She has a natural comedic timing and was more than comfortable acting in front of the large crowd!

I don’t know how our kids became so uninhibited. They certainly didn’t get that from me. I loved to sing, but performing in front of people always had me scared silly. I was a proud mama.

TJ played one of the leads as the “King of the High Cs”. she played a rather flamboyant pirate, who not only leads the band of pirates on the ship, but in song as well. And could she ever belt out those high Cs!!!

Such a card…. she gets that from her father. The talent? She gets that from me 😉

While I’m totally partial towards my own kids, I have to admit – all of the kids were stars. They were all so polished and talented. We were also SO thrilled to have our friends, the Northcotts, come to watch and support the girls. THANKS SO MUCH!

I will try to post a short clip later, so you can get a taste of what we enjoyed at the musical. Until then…. ahoy, mateys!


3 thoughts on “ARRRRR!!!!

  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you very much for sharing your photos and your little video. Your daughters were wonderful. I loved hearing your oldest daughter sing. She *really* does have a fantastic voice. So not only are all of your girls beautiful but it seems that they are all gifted. Great job!



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