Here’s To A Wonderful Day!

How was your Mother’s Day? Did you feel special? Did you feel loved? I hope so. Because if you did, you had a day like mine.

Started out with an amazing breakfast in bed = eggs, sausages, grapefruit, banana, and juice. All topped off with a candle and a gift card to BATH GODDESS! Doesn’t that just SOUND luxurious??

Each of the girls gave me gorgeous hand-made gifts like this clay bowl from B, which I will use as a candy dish in my craft room! She even colored it to match the paint on the walls in there. So thoughtful!

JJ gave me an adorable little hand painted pot with green construction paper grass, and painted hand-print flowers! So cute!!

Bayboo had been working on hers for a while. She grew this flower plant from a seed! Now I just hope I don’t kill it – my thumb is any color but green.

I was lucky enough to give a talk in church – which went well, even though I’m sure everyone in the congregation could hear my heart beating into the microphone! It was a wonderful way to spend sacrament meeting, though, because I was able to really spend days thinking about the importance of Motherhood – and finding joy in it! The other talks were wonderful, too, and there was no overlapping in them. I loved every second of it.

In Primary, my sweet class totally made me feel special. Josie welcomed me with a big hug, saying “You’re here!!”. Kealy presented me with a colorful drawing, and JJ (a boy in my class) gave me a huge gift bag filled with treasures he picked out just for me! We’re talking an apple, an orange, 2 cans of juice, some baby carrots, a bag of vanilla oreo cookies, some teddy grahams, some lotion from Avon, some handmade soap, and 75 cents in SPECIAL quarters. The best part of the gift, though, was the adorable note he included that said “You’re the best teacher in the whole world! You’re COOL!” LOL! Loved it.

After church, we went straight over to our friends, the Northcotts, for an amazing French dinner prepared by Ben, who served his mission in France. He made some delicious pureed vegetable soup to start, then some egg and beet salad (my new fav!), a layered cucumber, tomato, carrot, and tuna salad with a dijon vinagrette, and pork chops. Oh, and you can’t forget the variety of delicious cheeses and french bagettes! OH DELISH!! Lyndon cleaned up afterward so Sara and I could relax.

While the grown ups kept busy visiting, the kids played dress up. Funny, when a family of little girls play at a house with little boys – they find dressing up like Wolverine WAY fun. Hugh Jackman has nothing on TJ. She can work those tights! Not sure what the bow and arrow are about, though….
Bayboo also tried her hand at being wolverine. She could just FEEL the powah!

Even baby Abigail had fun trying on some pirate gear. Actually, she had no choice in the matter. TJ made her fashion decisions for her 🙂

TJ spent most of the evening entertaining Abigail. She is a natural nurturer! She’s make a great mommy someday.

All in all – the BEST Mother’s Day in memory. I loved every minute of it. I often have expectations that are WAY too high, but I realized that knowing how loved I am, and how what I do is truly appreciated, is the best and most meaningful gift I could ask for. And did I feel loved? YOU BET!


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