What’s Been Going On?

Was your April as crazy busy as mine? What is it with this time of year? Oh, who am I kidding…it’s EVERY time of year! I think what makes it seem even crazier is things like Easter, General Conference, Spring break, and the Spring outbreaks of flu and bronchitis. Ew. We’ve seen a lot of this stuff this month:

Thankfully, we’ve had some fun distractions to take our minds off the icky-sicky-ness. We had these three adorable sister missionaries over to dinner. Tonnes of laughs. Loved having them! Our daughters need to see how amazing women missionaries can be. 

We were also invited over to have dinner with the new temple president and his wife – who also happens to be my mother-in-law’s cousin! Small world, right? It was such a wonderful evening. It felt like I was having dinner with my in-laws. They reminded me SO much of the both of them. Lyndon and Sis. Gehmlich spent lots of time going through their family history, sharing photos and figuring out all of their connections. Pres. Gehmlich took the girls into the other room to watch The Lion King, which they all loved. I’m so glad they were called to serve here.

School has been busy with the kiddos – having school concert practices and fun field trips. Lyndon, on the other hand, is officially DONE university! He completed his last paper for his MBA and has had it approved. He graduates officially in June. It was a long haul, but he has done it! I’m so proud of my man. And my girls. I have such an amazing family.

So what have you been doing to keep busy this Spring?


4 thoughts on “What’s Been Going On?

  1. of course I LOVE sister missionaries!!! So what is in store for your family this summer? back to alberta? on to bigger and better things? you had better stop by at least for a few minutes to say hi on your way thru! here's to hoping there's no more medications for a long time in your home.


  2. Oh tis a SMALL world! My cousin married a Gehmlich! The same Gehmlich family you speak of. Too funny.

    Love seeing Sister missionaries. Sure miss having them in our area. But Elders are okay too. LOL! They better appreciate one coming over to the East soon. ; D

    Check out my blog to see what we are GOING to be up to in the month of May. You may need to sit back with a cup of hot choc. It will take a while.

    Hope you all get better REAL soon!

    And CONGRATULATIONS to Lyndon! I bet that is an “on top of the world” feeling to be done!


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