Nope, Couldn’t Do It.

I just couldn’t wear the flower bib necklace I made. I’ve failed my sassiness test. I’m only semi-sassy.

So, what does a demi-semi-sassy girl wear? Headbands, of course! I simply cut apart the necklace and made 2 way cute headbands that I can TOTALLY wear. See for yourself in my way high-tech laptop snapshots.

You just get out the handy-dandy glue gun, cut a circle out of felt fabric and hot glue the headband in between the flower and the circle of felt. This keeps it firmly in place and also adds some grip to the head band.

Like or no like?


8 thoughts on “Nope, Couldn’t Do It.

  1. I don't think I would be sassy enough for the necklace either! Great thinking to make it a headband (I would totally wear that), instead of letting it collect dust and remind you of your unsassiness!


  2. me likey especially as a headband. I'm with you on the whole necklace thing…not sure if it is too much or just not me. haven't been brave enough to make one though. you have the right amount of sassiness to pull it off my friend!


  3. Love your necklace! I haven't assembled mine but I'm going to try and wear one at least once, hehe. Will I have the courage? I need to do a headband, that I could do easily….I think 😉 Rhonna was so fab for sharing her process with us! loved that we met via the awesome HO3! hugs from conroe, tx!


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