Meet Jake

Have you ever come across an old soul in a small body? Meet Jake. He is funny, smart, adorable, and he has Cystic Fibrosis.

 It’s one of those things that just seem SO unfair. But if you met him, met his mom, met his brother and father – you’d be amazed at the strength and resiliency they all show. Faith at it’s finest. I am constantly amazed by them, in everything they do.

Even when a situation seems hopeless, when you feel like there is nothing you can do, you can find that ray of hope and realize that you CAN make a difference in someone’s life. Absolutely.

In Jake’s case, you can donate to his team for their upcoming Cystic Fibrosis “Great Strides” walk. They have set a goal to raise $3000. I know  – it’s a lot of money, which is GREAT, but I am in the “I have no cashola” boat. But just think, if 150 people donate just $20, they’ll reach their goal AND have an amazing amount of money to help fund research that could be life saving. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that? So, how do you donate? Click below. I have donated, and I hope, if you can, you will take a minute and do the same. Let’s show Jake how much we care!

Thanks, again!!


One thought on “Meet Jake

  1. First of all….he is ADORABLE!

    My sister has CF…she is 28 and a MOTHER and doing great. She had a successful double lung transplant two years ago and is loving life being a mommy and wife each day she is given from God.


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