Happy Birthday, TJ!

Well, she is OFFICIALLY 10 today.

10 years.

Double digits.


In keeping with tradition, here are the top 10 things I love about you at 10!

1. Your goofy personality. You are such a clown and you can make anyone laugh with your antics. They are always good-natured and fun, and I love that you can laugh through life. I hope that continues as you grow. Life gets hard, and if you can laugh about it later, may as well laugh now!

2. Your intellect. You are one smart cookie. We’ve discussed letting you skip a grade as your teachers say you are reading and spelling at a grade 8 level, and are out-performing the grade fives in your 4/5 split. We aren’t sure about that yet, but we are always amazed at how fast you catch on to things, and your desire to learn. You are always asking questions, researching things, and reading. It will get you far in life if you keep on learning until you know everything!

3. Your kind heart. You are truly a tender-hearted girl. You instantly recognize those in need or suffering around you and get to work helping them feel better. You are especially sweet to your little sisters who look up to you. They are lucky to have you as a  big sister, and I hope as you get older you keep showing such love and kindness to others.

4. Your style. You definitely have your very own sense of style and love of fashion, and you make no apologies for it. You have confidence in what you choose to wear and wear it proudly! You go girl!

5. Your musicality. You were singing tunes before you could talk, and dancing before you could walk. Lately, your forte has been writing songs. Your music teacher, Mrs. H, has told me “she’ll be famous one day!”. And the man in our ward who writes children’s songs has asked to collaborate with you. I believe it is a god-given gift and I hope you continue to cultivate it to bless the lives of those around you!

6. Your helpful nature. You are always surprising me with acts of service. You love to be my helper, and more often than not are the one who is right next to me asking how you can help. Whether it’s folding laundry, wiping the kitchen table, or preparing dinner – you often save me a lot of extra work!

7. Your tenacity. When you get an idea in your head, you go for it with gusto. You often become frustrated when your ideas don’t come together the way you see it in your head, but your perserverance will serve you well in life.

8. Your creativity. You have a lot of artistic talent that you are always working on. I love the drawings and creations you are continually making. It reminds me a lot of myself at your age.

9.Your courage. You have no problems getting up in front of a crowd to perform. You aren’t scared off by trying new things. You aren’t afraid of talking to someone new. It is a trait I wish I had.

10. Your faith. You doubt not, you fear not. I can see in you the strength that the prophets have prophesied would be in the chosen generation. You are among the Lord’s choice spirits who He reserved to come forth in these latter days. I am often reminded as I look at you, and your sisters, of the great privilege and responsibility of raising such strong and faithful warriors. You are amazing, your testimony is strong, and you will do great things in your life. I love you!

One thought on “Happy Birthday, TJ!

  1. Bobbi…..your baby girls will forever know how you honestly feel about them due to your birthday lists for them. These lists are the best gift a mother could give her child. Love it.


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