Thank you, Thank you, and Springbreak Happenings!

Wow! I can’t believe the amazing response! You have definitely helped a lot~! I submitted the top 5 photos from the poll, and I’ll let  Becky decide which to post. I really loved reading your insights and your thoughts on what makes a GREAT photo. I can use that info!! And to say thanks:

If you have posted a response on the last post, and are interested in receiving a FREE set of my Photoshop Actions, please shoot me an email, telling me which set you’d like, and I’ll send it your way, as a thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really do appreciate your help. Now, I get to sit back and wait my turn to be spotlighted on Becky’s blog and take my turn in giving away a complimentary photo session for a deserving family in my area. Who knows? It could be YOU!!

Have you been enjoying your Spring break? It’s been GORGEOUS weather here. Normally, we’re the ones covered in snow, but we’ve been sporting the shorts and tees this week. NICE! We broke out the bikes and have been using them regularly. Lyndon has even started biking to work again (such a motivated guy – I’m so lucky!!).

We have visited some members of the ward who live out of town, we’ve played at the beach, visited some local parks, gone to see a movie, and have just generally  been enjoying the time together and the nice weather. Even the prairies offer some gorgeousness to be enjoyed.

I have even been really enjoying the kids being home. Shocking, for me, I know. I love my kids to PIECES, but sometimes I YEARN for some quiet time. But this week, the kids have really been playing so well together, and TJ has been incredibly helpful this week, around the house. Can you believe she is turning 10 in less than a week?! Crazy. She surprised me last night with the entire kitchen cleaned – without being asked. We’re talking floor swept, table and counters wiped down, dishwasher emptied, and everything that doesn’t ‘belong’ was  put away. She has also folded laundry for me, helped the younger girls clean their rooms, and otherwise entertained them.

Is this normal?!

Will this last?!

Is this the calm before the hormonal storm?!

I’m enjoying it either way.

I have also been busy with photoshoots – here are a couple of shots from the latest:

Sorry, it looks kind of blurry for some reason – trust me, it’s sharp in REAL life! LOL!

And to celebrate springtime, I chopped off my hair and went SHORT! It’s “growing” on me – so not my usual style – but I’m loving it. It adds to my sassiness (cause let’s face it – I’m one sassy sistah!).

Hmmm… now I look more like my avatar. Nice! Anyway, I’m signing off for now – I’m sure I’ll check back in soon. I haven’t been feeling well these past couple of days, so it’s nap time for me! I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of spring, as I am. And thanks AGAIN and AGAIN for your sweet comments and support. I SO LOVE YOU!

3 thoughts on “Thank you, Thank you, and Springbreak Happenings!

  1. HI! I found you from my sending smiles blog (clicked on you cuz your avatar is soooo cute!) and I haven't closed your blog all day, it's so pretty to look at. I love your photography!


  2. Let us know what ends up happening. That is so great! It is very generous of you to offer us a free package for our input. I feel bad taking advantage of it but it is too great to resist:) I tried to email but for some reason they kept bouncing back. My email is and I would LOVE photoshop set #1. Thanks so much!! I hope all is well and that you are happy and healthy:)


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