The Firehouse!

Field trip time! And who can resist a trip to the neighborhood firehouse? Not me! There is still something totally magical about those giant red trucks. I’m a sucker for ’em. It was a new experience going with a pre-school group. I was prepared for some serious craziness!

I didn’t need to worry, though. This was the best behaved group of 3-5 year olds I’ve ever been with! They stayed in their groups, waiting patiently for their turns, and listened quietly to the firefighters who were showing us around. JJ even got to be a firetruck driver for a minute!

Our guides were two young guys who maybe didn’t have a lot of experience with little kids, but they knew their stuff! I think they were a little shocked at how quiet the group was. All except one little guy who had a complete melt down (probably because his mommy was also volunteering). My favorite part was when they showed the kids the clothing that they might wear if they were in your house trying to rescue you. They showed them each piece as they put it on, then played around with the kids, having them practice shouting “Here I am!!”. This is important because I can imagine a guy dressed like an alien trying to find you might be frightening to a small child!

The firefighter sounded just like Darth Vader with his oxygen mask on.

They were both very patient with the kids, answering their questions and letting them share their stories. I found a lot of their presentation very interesting. I’m not sure if the kids did, but they were quiet and still throughout, so I would guess that they did, too!

The tour ended with a Sparky stamp on the hand and a fun busride home. I love being able to share some of these moments with my kids. Field trips were always so special when I was in school, and having my own mom there to volunteer was TOTALLY cool. YES, it WAS, okay? Things will change when they get into Junior High school, so I’ll enjoy doing this while it lasts.

Besides, who doesn’t love hearing their 3 year old daughter telling her friend: “I am sitting with my MOTHER on the bus, and that’s final!” When will I hear that again? Ha!

4 thoughts on “The Firehouse!

  1. How Fun for you. I never thought about how scary a firefighter might look in a fire.
    I also love going on field trips getting to know the kids is so fun.


  2. Oh I don't know. My teens still LOVE it when I volunteer as a supervisor on their bus and field trips.
    ; D

    P.S. Why do I suddenly feel SOooo old??? Are those fully qualified firefighters? Or just in training. My gosh they are BABIES! LOL!


  3. The local volunteer fire department did this for our Preschool Co-Op, too. It was really helpful, because my daughter was absolutely terrified of the fireman at her previous FT. Now, even though she's 7 now, she still tells us how to crawl on the floor if there is smoke and why we shouldn't hide from firemen. It makes for very informative Safety themed FHE's!


  4. How fun! But seriously look at those firemen, are they real or playing firemen. They look about 12 years old! I must be getting really old!!!


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