Tutorial – Installing Actions in Elements and FREE action!

I get this question a LOT. HOW do I install and use actions in Photoshop Elements???

It’s a GOOD question, because it seems like every new version of Elements that comes out, there is new a process to installing them. It can get overwhelming. to say the least. If only it was as easy as it is to install actions in Photoshop! Click, click – done!

I am not one to try to improve upon perfection, and in my mind – there are few more perfected Photoshop resources out there than at MCP Actions. This girl knows her stuff – and if she doesn’t, she knows where to find it. I love her fun actions and her know-how!

Thankfully, MCP Actions blog has posted an article on HOW to install actions in Elements. HOORAY! And like I said – I won’t try to improve upon perfection. I’m going to refer you to her blog for this article. It’s worth your time if you are an Elements user. She gives a different VIDEO tutorial for each version of Elements (because, as I said – the process is different for each version). Find the video for YOUR version of Elements, click, and learn!

Then, come on back to install and use my Snow White Action in your version of Elements! It’s a free gift for you, and a versatile action that gives any  photo a boost in light, contrast, and color. I LOVE IT! You can download it here:

Snow white boost.atn

From me to you! And to show you a sample of what it does, I quickly used this straight out of the camera shot of my daughter skating (taken on my cheap point and shoot) and all I did was run the snow white action. It gives it an all around boost! You can easily run the action twice for even more pop! Love it. Let me know if you use it and like it!

2 thoughts on “Tutorial – Installing Actions in Elements and FREE action!

  1. our pc is down, I so need it fixed up, and my new elements installed, so I can try out all these tutes! I have always wanted to use actions, but couldn't install them. I will hopefully do it soon! thanks!


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