New Moon Party!

Well, the release of New Moon has come and gone. Do you have your copy? I do. In fact, we had ours just after midnight. Only because we went to see “Alice In Wonderland” and it got out just before midnight. Why not? We didn’t expect the 100 people lined up to get their copy. Some people are nuts.

Speaking of crazy people, I held my official New Moon movie party


Here is how the livingroom looked. Of course, we had some tissue paper pom-poms (the way cheap and easy way to add some punch to a room!). And do you notice a new addition to the couch? Yep. An Edward pillow. Yep. I’m nuts.

Following the tradition of my Twilight party last year, there were some fabulous gifts and prizes to be won. I had some cards, notebooks, magnets, pens, and of course…chocolate.

This was something I made just before the party. A New Moon candle. I followed Heidi’s instructions on her blog. It was surprisingly easy. I made the design by cropping an image from New Moon into an oval, and using some of Rhonna Farrer’s digital stamps to add some pizazz to the design. Love it.

The main attraction was, of course, watching New Moon. All of us, except one, had read the books and watched the movie previously. Poor Sarah N. hadn’t done either. I don’t think she caught much of the story between all of our gabbing. You can borrow the DVD, Sarah. No worries 🙂

No party is complete without some munchies. My spin on it was to have half of the table dedicated to Team Edward with some COLD snacks. We had COOL ranch chips, Guacamole, a cold fruit tray and some other munchies.

And of course, Team Jacob had some HOT snacks – like Hot tamales, Hot and Spicy chips, Hot banana bread, and some puppy chow! Yummo.

I added some New Moon touches here and there to add to the New Moon MOOD.

And these two little munchkins got to have a sleep over in the guestroom so they could avoid all of our noise and craziness 🙂 They thought it was pretty darn special.

All in all – a fun time. Whether you are a fan or not, it’s fun to get together with good friends for some good food and even better company. Thanks for the fun night, girls!

7 thoughts on “New Moon Party!

  1. what a way fun idea- loving the cool and hot snack idea. if i only lived closer………… love the movie= I've had it for a while now wink wink but never thought to have a partay!


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