Truly Amazing!

Few thing spark my creativity and desire to scrapbook more than my family – especially my husband when he is interacting with our girls. We took the family skating to an outdoor rink this past weekend, and we had a lot of fun. Lyndon was a huge part of that – he can pull a giggle out of even the poutiest kiddo!

I downloaded a digital template from Cathy Zielske which made quick work of the photo, journaling, and paper collage. Then I just cut out the birds and stems on my Silhouette and voila! Done!! One of the best and easiest design tips when scrapbooking is to use a black and white photo. Then you are free to use whatever color combination you love.

I mean every word.

He tops the list of the most truly amazing men I’ve ever known, or hope to know. I often have to pinch myself to be sure I haven’t dreamed the last 11 years of being together with him. And I often find myself admiring him and questioning “WHY did HE choose to spend eternity with a schlub (that’s a real term…. right?) like me?” But every day I wake up, and he is beside me, putting his arms around me, telling me he loves me. Dreams can come true. I live mine every single day.

7 thoughts on “Truly Amazing!

  1. ok I second the comment on the tutorial on how to get those cute fonts as your blog titles 🙂
    and the real reason I commented: I love that you love your husband that much….it just shows how much you are meant to be together 🙂 Sweet journaling but also a sweet page! 🙂


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