Tutorial Tuesday Poll

First off, a HUGE thank you for your suggestions for how to organize Family Home Evenings! I LOVED so many of your suggestions and stay tuned to see what *I* came up with 🙂

Seeing as it’s Tuesday, and I usually post a tutorial – I’ve been curious to know if you are still interested in Photoshop tutorials at all. I usually don’t get many (if any) comments on them, and they are kind of time consuming to create. BUT if you are still interested, make your ‘voice’ heard on my poll to the right of the screen (your answers are anonymous). If I get enough blog readers telling me they are still interested, then I’ll post again to find out specifically what you are looking for (but one step at a time!). I love helping people in any way I can, I just want to be sure I’m spending my time wisely 🙂

So, let me know what you think and I’ll respond with MORE tutorials, or LESS. I aim to please!

And a huge thank you, again, to you blog buddies. Your comments and encouragement always brighten my day and give me that extra push I need sometimes. You are so kind and inspiring, and I pinch myself that I’m lucky enough to communicate with all of you! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! MWAH!

11 thoughts on “Tutorial Tuesday Poll

  1. I love your tutorial's!!!!

    I know, I know I need to be better and telling you THANK YOU for all the photoshop advice you have given me! But really I do love them and hope you do then now and again!!! No pressure!



  2. Oh I forgot to add that I have a file on my desktop that has a large number of your tutorials in it that I have copied and pasted into word doc's so I can have them at my disposal if I'm in a hurry.

    In fact the file's names is Bobbi's Photo Shop Tutorials.

    See told you I loved them!


  3. I am one of your “silent” followers but I love your blog, and your cute family. I also really enjoy your tutorials!! I also enjoy your link page that has them all listed, very handy! Please keep them coming! (more photo taking tips would be great too!)


  4. Bobbi, the name of the book that I was mentioning in your last post is called “Adventures with the Word of God” by rebecca irvine. You will not be disappointed.


  5. While I love to check out your tutorials, unfortunately I only have PSE. 😦
    I do *try* to follow them, but can only get so far before I just don't have the tools to do what you did. Still, I love to see it!


  6. if you ever stop the tutorials, i will come to your house and handcuff my wrists to your wrists, and force you to type them at the computer.

    okay, that may be creepy since we've never really met. but if you have a sitemeter, you will see that i refer to many of your tutorials on a weekly basis. i kid you not, they have been the foundation for my developping photography skills. i had tons of them bookmarked in my favorites until you made the “tutorials” tab.

    i don't comment often because i teach full time and have three kids. my life is very hectic… but i follow you on my google reader and enjoy your blog. and i really appreciate the tutorials.


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