33 things for your 33rd!

On your 33rd birthday, here are just 33 of the things I adore about you, babe!

1.You are so, so good lookin’
2. Your sense of humor – it’s the best!
3. Your money sense
4. You have an amazing work ethic
5. Your integrity
6. Your faith
7. Your intellect – you smarty pants, you! You can almost keep up with ME! tee hee
8. You are service minded. All of the time.
9. You are an incredibly loving father
10. How the girls adore you

11. You aren’t above washing the dishes, or sweeping the floor, or vacuuming, or..or..or
12. Your love of the prophets and apostles
13. You are physically fit
14. You eat (and enjoy) whatever I make for dinner. THANK YOU!
15. You love to surprise me
16. You always support me. No matter what.

17. You are a good kisser! (Hey, it’s important to me!)
18. You are so musically talented
19. Your love of family – ours and your extended
20. The way your nose scrunches up when you really laugh
21. You are sincere
22. You do the grocery shopping
23. You are completely without guile
24. You are silly (that one was from the kids)
25. You know how to cheer us up when we are sad
26. You help anyone who needs help – eg. shovelling the neighbors out, pushing the buses out of the snow, helping that guy in the wheelchair, inviting people over to dinner – all of the time. It goes on and on and on and on.
27. You are affectionate
28. Your desire to keep learning
29. Your honesty
30. You communicate well  – yes, you do!
31. You are patient – with me, with the kids, with the ignorance of others, with yourself
32.  You are forgiving
33. You love unconditionally!

So, a very happy birthday, Lyndon. I will love you forever. Thank you for being a part of our lives – we are richer for it. I hope you can feel a portion of the love we all have for you, today.

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