Dear You-Know-Who-You-Are

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Please leave your name and number…Lyndon is interested in rekindling an old flame. And post a picture, so we can all critique it…

hugs and kisses!


8 thoughts on “Dear You-Know-Who-You-Are

  1. Haha…too funny! I LOVE it! I Find it funny that people are so sure of themselves when they are annonymous…but would never just come out and say it…personally, I think you do a wonderful job at all you do! Your family is amazing..and only because of two parents that make such an effort to parent and ensure their children are loved! Keep it up!
    *and to the person who had the nerve to critique…have you looked in your OWN backyard????


  2. Hear, hear !!!!
    I wish I was as calm as you… I dont think I could be.
    And I really dont like it that someone is doing this to you… anyway, ditto to what Darcie said


  3. Okay, I think I was missing something here. Totally lost and not sure what everyone is talking about. So I went back a little further into your previous posts….

    I found one anon comment on one of your tutorials. If that is the comment that everyone is referring to, I thought I would let you know Bobbi not to take it personally. It's a robot. Seriously. That is the EXACT same anon comment (word for word ) that I have seen lately on SOoooo many blogs. Especially those who take photos or scrapbook. It's weird. I honestly think it's just a computer set up to randomly pick public blogs.

    Besides!…….it's OBVIOUS they haven't REALLY seen your creativity or they wouldn't make such a blatant fake comment. LOL! You are the best girlie!!!!! ; D


  4. Look, maybe she's got a lot going on in her life. Maybe she's alone and pining for love. Maybe she's a stalker looking for her next victim. Maybe she's a guy secretly in love with you Bobbi and testing the waters as to your commitment to Lyndon. Maybe she's hairy… really hairy, like Sasquatch hairy, and now that Lyndon shaves his head feels like they could just no longer be together. And you ruined that for her.

    Okay, in reality, it sounds as though she's mad at the church and knows how devout you and your family are and so you are the target of the day. Lucky you. She obviously knows you… so what… If she's willing to post negative comments on a blog about your weekend that was all about your daughter and to it anonymously then that shows a significant lack of self confidence in herself and in her opinions.

    Don't let bitter people affect your daily life. Despite the amount of attention this has generated. Both in support from others and from the shock of the initial post. Easier to drop it and not dwell on it than try to figure out who it is. Based on their method of commenting and what post they commented on, even if you find out, corner them, and ask, they'll still deny it. And life will go on.

    Nice pictures BTW… and if you could only convince that guy of yours to actually smile…. 😉


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