Special Birthday

Yep, my B is turning 8 today! In our Faith, 8 years old is a very special age because THAT is the age when we are old enough to choose to be baptized! And B has chosen to follow the Savior, Jesus Christ, and enter the waters of baptism. It’s amazing to me how a child can grow up over night, and B fits that description well. In celebration of her very special birthday, I’m giving you the 8 things I love MOST about my B (in no particular order, because – lets face it – it’s too early for order today)

1. Her sparkling big bright blue eyes! She is the only one of us who actually HAS blue eyes, and those eyes can charm the skin off a cobra! She is beautiful, inside and out.

2. Her sense of style. It’s all her own. I love that she loves wearing dresses, and wanting her hair done – just so. I love that she feels confident enough to put together her own clothing combinations and WORK THEM. I love that about her.

3. Her imagination and creativity (okay, that’s two but they work together – trust me). She loves to play with toys, but she doesn’t just play -she comes up with elaborate stories behind each one of them, then draws maps of their homes, cuts out friends for them out of paper, or designs environments for them to play in. This is a gift. I hope she never gets too ‘old’ to imagine.

4. Her humor. I think she is taking after her father in this area. Enough said 🙂

5. Her desire to serve. She loves to do things for others – just to see them smile. I love her drawings and notes she makes for me regularly, and I love how she is often thinking of her friends and teachers and how to make them happy. She really loves others and I love that about her!

6. Her faith. When it comes to spiritual matters she knows what she knows, and what she doesn’t know, she has faith in. I need to be more like that. She’s a happier person because of it.

7. Her confidence. This is another trait I’m sure she has inherited from her father’s side, and it’s something I both admire and love about her. She has the confidence to give a talk in church, to perform in a school talent show, and to speak her mind to her mom and dad. It’s a good trait to have and I hope she doesn’t lose it.

8. Her. I just love her. I love the quirky little pieces that combine so seamlessly to make up this wonderful creature that is B! She is unique, she is special, she is beautiful – she is B!

And….. in one week…..

She’ll be baptized!

I couldn’t be happier 🙂

10 thoughts on “Special Birthday

  1. Where DOES the time fly?!

    HAppy Birthday B!! And I know your baptism day will surely be one remembered. I get goosebumps just thinking about how wonderful that day will be for you.


  2. That's so exciting!! My B get's baptized on her birthday which is the 16th of this month as well! Your invites turned out sooooo much better then mine I love them!!

    I went so simple. I need to digital scrap more. Maybe I'll come up with something more visually pleasing next time. 🙂 I still have 2 kids to practice on so I better get busy!


    Ps. I fixed that problem with her invite wasn't on 300 dpi… Such a simple fix that I was totally missing, so THANK YOU!


  3. She is so beautiful! How exciting for all of you, it sounds like it went well!

    I have a little girl getting baptized in June and would love to do an invite like this. Do you have a tutorial or would you be willing to do a tutorial on how to put this together? I would love some help!! 🙂

    Thank you!


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