Birthday Thoughts and a Giveaway!

1. I’m 31 today. I don’t feel old. Is that old? Naw. I feel tired, but not old! Not yet. Ask me again when I’m 40.

2. I am pretty much where I expected to me at this age. I’ve been happily married for 11.5 years. I’ve got 4 beautiful, healthy, hilarious daughters who love me, love their daddy, and love each other. I’m active in my faith. I love my extended family. I have a house, a pet, a part-time career I love, a church calling I love… life is good!

3. Having a birthday 4 days before Christmas has it’s ups and downs. I’m choosing to focus on the ups! I get to see the whole world light up with lights, listen to my favorite kind of music (Christmas carols), and enjoy the kind spirit that envelopes people everywhere at this time of year. And I can pretend it’s all for me!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also get to celebrate my birthday at the same time of year as our Lord and Savior. Can’t ask for anything better than that!

4. I love Chocolate. It’s a vice of mine. My biggest vice, actually. This time of year makes it so EASY to go nutso on the chocolate. But, seeing as it’s my birthday – I plan to gorge myself on some seriously creamy chocolate today. One way or another – it’s going to happen.

5. I love teaching Primary. I think it’s my favorite calling ever. I find myself getting super excited as Sunday draws nearer because I get to see the kids in my class and get to share in some awesome testimony building lessons with them. I think about what a privilege it is to be entrusted with the teaching of these special little ones. Such a powerful thing. But more so, they teach me every single week. I come away strengthened in ways I didn’t expect. I love it.

6. My eldest daughter, TJ, said to the girls this morning “You have to do everything mom says today because it’s her birthday! EVERYTHING she says! Even if she doesn’t mean it!”. Wow. That’s power you can’t buy!

7. If I had $350 I would buy one of those Sony Readers. Have you heard about these? They are electronic devices that hold like 400 books on them. You down load the books and instead of carrying dozens of books with you when you travel, they are all on this one device that you can read like real paper. I would love one. This kind of thing was created for book nerds like me. It’s calling my name!

8. Speaking of books – have you read the Mortal Instruments series, yet? I have. Love them. Next Twilight? Maybe. I’m also re-reading The Host again. I’m enjoying it a LOT more the second time around. Good stuff!

9. My husband is in charge of the birthday festivities tonight. He’ll come up with something fantastic. He’s good at that stuff!

10. How about a little giveaway for my birthday? Does a $25 gift certificate to Chapters Online sound good? I’d love to give one toย  YOU! Just leave a comment below – say whatever you want! I’ll announce a winner on Boxing day!! Good luck everyone!

37 thoughts on “Birthday Thoughts and a Giveaway!

  1. Well miss Bobbi, HAPPY 30 something Birthday! I hope your day is wondeful, and this next year is full of love, and fun, and God's richest blessings.


  2. you crazy girl doing a giveaway on your birthday. eat lots of chocolate and remember you are the QUEEN!!! love you! and happy birthday dahling. it only gets better from here on in.


  3. Now how cool is that? The birthday girl giving away a birthday gift. That is SO you! : D

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! And nope…..I have a feeling that when you hit 40…….you won't be feeling old then either. LOL!

    I bet Lyndon has fabulous ideas for tonight. He's done good thus far every year. Can't believe it's another year already.

    Eat lot's of chocolate and enjoy those little angels doing EVERYTHING you tell them to, today. ; D


  4. Have a great birthday and Christmas. Hope they are both special and fun in their own way. I'll jump on the chocolate train with you so you are not alone… ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Hey, Bobbi-Jo,

    We share the same date! but my birthday happens 7 months before yours, in May. Nothing much happens in May (unlike December). Most of the time growing up the birthday was forgotten in the middle of Mid-Year Exams! And then people turned down the invitation because they're studying. So in my opinion, you have the best of both worlds. Just insist on getting TWO presents: one for your birthday and one for Christmas! Ian's sister's birthday is Dec 25th. She always grumbles that as a kid she got school supplies for gifts! So count yourself Very Blessed! Love ya! Hope your b-day was the best!


  6. Oh Happy Happy Birthday! That is a great photo of you….love it! You look awesome.

    Even 40 isn't bad, it goes downhill at 42.5 (hehehe, ask me how I know). I think with the upcoming 45 – that's the one that's gonna bug me!

    lol….Happy HOlidays and a Happy happy Birthday.


  7. Happy Birthday Bobbi! 31 is NOT old. I turned 34 this year. I”m still young. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My sister-in-law gave birth to a little girl on her birthday, Decemeber 19. My niece gave birth to a boy on your birthday! So happy birthday to all December birthdays! It's a special time for a birthday!


  8. I've already won something on your blog before so I'm 99% sure it won't happen again…lol

    I'm glad you feel like you are right where you thought you'd be. You have such a positive attitude about your life and that always comes through in your posts.

    Happy 31st!


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