Snow Angel

Can I have a “Proud Mommy Moment”? I went to my kids’ Christmas concert and my oldest DD, TJ, sang the solo in this song. She is so brave! I would have been terrified!

They all did wonderful songs. I’ll be uploading all of them to youtube for the family to watch!

7 thoughts on “Snow Angel

  1. okay next time the girls need to stand together, I'm a little dizzy. And would the fabulous camera lady remember we're still rolling when she jumps around screaming with pride!! 😀

    In the words of Joanne – “FAB U LOUS!!”


  2. WOW! That actually warmed my bah-humbug heart. Maybe I've been watching too many Hallmark movies, but I shed a few tears. Such a precious song & solo. You deserve to be proud – thanks for sharing.


  3. WOW – your daughter is absolutely beautiful. Her voice was so solid and so clear and so beautiful. She was so confident. I found myself cheering at the end too! JC


  4. Totally! You are totally allowed to have that Proud Mommy moment. Like I said before…..she is the perfect candidate for those voice lessons someday. She is going places for sure! Loved it.


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