Baby, It’s COLD Outside!

How cold, you might ask? Well, my husband is holding a mug of BOILING water….

Which he throws in the air…..

….and the boiling water immediately turns into snow crystals.

Baby, it’s FREEZING out there!

In case you think I’m foolin’ ya – here’s the video!


13 thoughts on “Baby, It’s COLD Outside!

  1. So cool. Yup it's cold outside baby! I was just reading all the records that are being broken all over Canada since 1893! Crazy!!!! That is C-O-L-D !!!!! No wonder we have ice and snow all over our windows and door frames……and that's just on the INSIDE! LOL!

    Stay warm! : D


  2. oh darn we can't do that here, it is going to chinook for the rest of the week!!! Though I'm not thinking that will be a good thing with how much snow we got in the NE. It may be flooded and turn into ice rinks by next week.


  3. That is too funny…I was just saying to Matt last week when it was -50 with the wind chill “I wonder if I threw water up in the air, if it would turn to ice because of how cold it is”. I wasn't brave enough to try it because with the wind, I thought the water might splash back on my face and that would have been REALLY cold. I'm glad that you guys tried it. Now I know…lol


  4. I saw the video on facebook and was a little confused as to what was happening. Now that I see the photos I get it.
    You are very right. It's freezing in this city.
    why do we live here.


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