New Moon!

Have you ever gone to see a movie all by your lonesome? I can now say that I have. After having a sort of rotten day yesterday, on a whim I bought an online ticket to an advance screening of Chris Weitz’s film “New Moon”.  I was shocked to see that they were playing it NOT at midnight, but at 10pm. With it showing in 3 different auditoriums in the same theater, I was able to get a prime seat without much trouble. I bought my treats, sat in my awesome seat, and settled in.

THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME!!! I can’t even describe how much I loved it. It was so much better than the first – you can’t even compare. It’s amazing what a new director can do. He followed the book almost exactly – fans of the novels will not be disappointed! I was impressed by the acting which was highly improved from the first movie, and the cinematography was beautiful. I especially loved how Chris filmed the parts with Victoria, and the improved special effects took this movie up a HUGE notch.

I think I’m officially team switzerland, now. I know. I was 100% team Edward – and while I know he and Bella belong together, I have a new found love for Jacob Black. You can’t help but hurt for the guy.

And could I be more lucky? I get to go AGAIN on Monday night with some girl friends. I’m STOKED to see it again so soon. The ending left me wanting MORE MORE MORE. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a fan. I would love to see Chris Weitz direct the last movie, “Breaking Dawn”. I think he captured the feeling of the novel so well. Go see NEW MOON!

6 thoughts on “New Moon!

  1. I'm glad to hear this was better than the first. I was so disappointed with the technical apsects of Twilight {screenplay, makeup, director}

    I love going to the movies by myself…used to do it all the time!


  2. Im so glad its better than the last one!!

    I have to say I have been to a few movies by myself, I challenged myself to do it once, and LOVED IT! Because my shifts were all over the place I had weekdays off so I would go to a matinee.

    Im proud of you!


  3. I think I am team Edward but with Jacob's body! Totally Edward for the story line but Rob Pattinson is just too skinny for my liking.

    I liked how the Cullen's looked in the first movie, this one seemed to have far more makeup and eye's going on. Weren't the wolves great though?!


  4. I still have yet to read this series or even to see a movie of them.

    I know.

    I am beginning to feel like a rare breed.

    I just may have to break and read them. Someday..

    Maybe.. : D

    Your reviews totally rock. I think if I ever cave, it will be because of your reviews. LOL!


  5. the wolves were fabulous, the makeup too much but overall so MUCH fun. and the solo movie going- I am so all over that if the need arises. good for you and I'm with you on being team switzerland.


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