Get ready for a recap of my best week EVAH! My big sis came for a WEEK LONG visit and we had SO MUCH FUN!! I need to write a blog entry where I can relive our good times over and over again 🙂 Because, like all good things – it went way too fast!

She arrived on Monday morning, just in time for me to drop my kids off at school and be at the airport to meet her. It was so exciting to see her coming down the escalator!! I hadn’t seen her since February and it was way too long a wait. You see, there is about a 16 year age difference between us, but we are SO CLOSE. We have an incredible amount in common and we just have way too much fun together. I couldn’t ask for a better big sister!

We spent our first day enjoying some hot chocolate at a nearby cafe, checking out the local scrapbook store, visiting Michaels, and of course – catching up! In fact, it was 2 am before our catching up got the better of us.

Tuesday we were up bright an early and set on creating. We share our addiction to scrapbooking and paper crafts so we knew we had to get to work doing some crafting! Laurie brought me some projects to work on, which I fell in love with. I’ll show you my creations in a later post. I’m still putting the finishing touches on them.
We went out for dinner to one of her old favorites in this Province, then decided on a whim to go check out the Michael Jackson movie “This Is It”. It was cheap ticket Tuesday, so we got in for under $5, and let me tell you – I would have paid 2 or 3 times that amount to see this film. It was awesome – truly. The man was a genius. A total genius. I loved it. We visited again until 2am (didn’t learn our lesson the first time) and headed to bed exhausted!
Wednesday we got back to work creating. I worked on my star books, like the one above, and also did up a few scrapbook pages (again, you’ll have to stay tuned for those!). We filled up on Halloween candy and some sparkling cider. Nothing like spoiling ourselves!
Thursday was spring roll day. We spent the morning making nearly 200 of these YUMMY Vietnamese spring rolls. They turned out SO GOOD! We did a bit more scrapbooking, but also got the kitchen cleaned so hubby could have a place to sit at the table for a change. We had our scrap supplies spread all over the place. We got to bed a little earlier on Thursday – at least, I did. Laurie was up late typing up journaling cards for her Project 365. Did I mention that I got 100% caught up on my 365? Yay! Can you believe there is just over a month left? Crazy how fast this year has flown by.
Friday we dubbed “Jammy Day”. Who needs to change out of their cute PJs when there is nothing to do but scrap and make an impromptu trip to 7-11 for some slurpees?
…and drive around a bit….
…oh, and stop to rent some movies…. and pose in front of the video store. Whatever. Jammies still work. (Or I work the jammies – either way)
Saturday hubby was in school, and had the van, so we decided to make the hike to the Bulk Barn not far from our house. It took a good 25 minutes each way, which made getting there all the more yummy. We had to trek through a muddy field, but it was worth every inch of caked on dirt!
Sunday came much too quickly! Our last day!! Boo!! We went to church, then sat around visiting most of the day. Who knew we would still have things to talk about after a week of nothing but visiting?! Well, that just us. We complete each other! LOL!
I totally feel like myself with her. I hope she feels the same way.
She made me laugh every day she was here. I just love this girl! I wish we lived closer… like down the street from each other!
If I could have sat down and mapped out what an ideal sister would be – she would still exceed it! I love this girl so much, and I miss her already! Thanks for the great visit, sis, and I’ll call you soon! Hope you’re waiting by the phone! Love you!

6 thoughts on “BEST week EVAH!

  1. WOW! That is truly sisterhood. I think that is awesome the relationship you have with your sister. You guys did a LOT!!! Holy! And talk about fun! I LOVE your matching hat and sweater. So cute!!! Truly!
    Can't wait to see what more projects you did with each other!!! : D


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