Freakishly Fun!

Our stake had a trunk or treat activity on Tuesday night, and we decided since our children were little monsters, we’d take them along! (I’m not being sarcastic – they look like this every day):

We brought our eldest who recently transformed into an evil vampire. You can tell what she is by her pale skin and dark under eye circles. Don’t confuse her with her mother of 4 who also has pale skin and dark under eye circles. This girl doesn’t bite you – her method is to talk you to death. It’s very effective.

I also brought our own resident Fairy Queen. She often casts her magical spells over the house. You can tell where she has been by following her magic trail of tiny bits of paper, squishy toys, and other trinkets she leaves all over the place. She does make up for it by the cute drawings and crafts she also leaves for you.
Please don not be alarmed. While she looks ferocious, this is, in fact, a tame tiger. Her bark is much worse than her bite. I do warn you not to feed her, though, as she will make it a habit to forever after follow you around, asking for things to eat – even while still munching the last thing you gave her. You’ve been warned.

And finally, our Ballerina Princess Fairy. I think. Okay, even she doesn’t know what she is, but she’s cute and determined. We’ll keep her.
There was a good turn out for the event and lots of candy and fun costumes to be seen!
Someone decided that our Fairy Queen had been naughty and needed to be wrapped in toilet paper. She’s grinning because she’s thought of a way to use said toilet paper in a craft. I’m sure we’ll find it stuffed in some corner somewhere tomorrow. Hopefully still unused!

So many wonderful creatures joined the party like this fantastic bird of some kind. I nearly captured it to keep at the house until I realized I didn’t have any newspaper quite that big.

I would tell you to take a look at this picture of Medusa, but then you would turn to stone. So, just skip ahead.
Our little monsters barely made it to each table before devouring their goods. But, what else should you expect from such cute little creatures?

Somehow, at the end of the day, we managed to turn these monsters back into our sweet children and put them to bed. Now it’s only 2 sleeps until the ghouls come back for Halloween night! It’s going to be spooktacular!

4 thoughts on “Freakishly Fun!

  1. Hi Bobbi…I follow your photo site…HOW did you create your black and white photos with the texture…??? Any help on that…Ist there a tutorial for that..?? What settings are your camera…was that indoor pictures or outdoor…Thanks so much!!!


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