The Latest Shoot

First, can I just say….. BRRRR! It’s been raining and sleeting here all week. Ew. What I can expect, though? We live in Canada and it’s October.

That being said? We ventured out with this fun family to do a shoot. I was worried about the amount of light, the wind, the chance of rain – but it worked out. These guys were so easy going and fun. Such a pleasure.

And um…. WOW?!! This gal is so gorgeous. She can’t take a bad picture, seriously.

I’ve had to reschedule shoots all week because of the awful weather.  We have visitors coming this weekend, so the house needs to be cleaned well in anticipation! So excited. But now I’ve got 2 shoots on Saturday with a cold weather warning. Again… brrr. Hoping to find someplace inside to do the shoots.

I’ve been working on some cute sewing projects that I’m excited to share. Will do later this week, hopefully!

6 thoughts on “The Latest Shoot

  1. We are still in Utah! Heard about the terrible weather up there. We are going to enjoy this beautiful GREEN weather and nature here for as long as it takes. LOL!

    Thanks again for your inspiration to go to Utah. I am looking again at your previous blogs to see what else there is to see that we have missed. ; D


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